Sweet Newborn Photography: Baby Gabriel

I’d like to take some time to introduce this precious little baby I had the pleasure of photographing a few weeks ago. Baby Gabriel is the latest in a cluster of little boys to be born among my friends from church here in Pittsburgh. And we’re so excited to add this tiny fellow into the mix!


BYOBB – Bring Your Own Baby Blankets!
His mom brought some wonderful handmade baby blankets and toys which is a great way to personalize your session. And we really loved seeing him snuggle up to this knit bunny.

Pittsburgh newborn photography

The Best Time to Photograph Your Newborn
During the session, Gabriel was just about two weeks old—that’s about as old as I like to photograph newborns because they become more and more alert and there’s just so much more we can do with infants who sleep most of the time during their first two weeks. Anyway Gabriel was so easy going, asleep or awake. He even cooperated for this shot by curling up over his knees while on his tummy.

infant on small bed

Not every baby will do that…including mine! I remember trying to get my son to pose for a similar shot and he was not having it. He hated tummy time from the very start!

First Family Portraits
And one of my favorite parts of newborn sessions are the first family portraits. Carolyn and Joe, you two are naturals!

baby and parents

Don’t you just love little feet? And look at them next to his mom and dad’s hands. I love that.

baby feet

Isn’t it hard to resist kissing your baby? With boys, I figure we should squeeze all of the kisses in while we can!

mama kissing baby

Babies in the Buff
And I know we don’t normally hold our little ones in the buff for practical reasons, but isn’t he precious? That’s why I like to have newborns nude for most of their photos. Their is no need to buy cute little outfits for their newborn photos because nothing is better than seeing your baby (tastefully posed) in his birthday suit!

two weeks old

Below is a slideshow I put together to present the images from Gabriel’s session to his parents. If you’re expecting and would like to schedule a maternity or newborn session, check out this overview of our custom newborn photography.

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