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Lifestyle Newborn Session

So excited to share the newborn photos that I mentioned in my post about Sara and Nick’s maternity session. What a sweet little baby! And I love it that Sara kept it simple and swaddled him in a muslin blanket. No need for a coordinating outfit—he is adorable as is!


I love this shot of dad, baby and dog. This cute dachshund is learning to share laps and accept that he is no longer the center of attention. And props to Nick for being able to manage them both!


Oh, the sweetness!


Here’s their first family portrait:


I just love how this doggie is looking over the baby too!


I haven’t met a baby yet who didn’t love this basket.

in-home newborn session

Wrinkly baby feet are the best!


Congratulations, mama and dada! Blessings to you and your beautiful family!

Emily and Alan’s Wedding at Pine Community Center

There once was a boy and girl who shared a love for all things Harry Potter…then they fell in love and when their wedding day came, it was natural that they incorporated tons of Harry Potter details into their wedding. I wish I could share them all, but here are a few select favorites. To start, Emily’s bouquet was made of book pages by her mom.

wedding bouquet

She even had Hogwarts shoes. A close-up of these beauties to follow. But just look at that dress!

wedding dress

Harry Potter bridal shoe

With Etsy, if you can’t make it, you can find someone who can!

wedding garter

This is the first I met Alan. And after warming up with a few photos, this one was the first hint that he would be a fun groom to photograph!


So lovely as her sister helps with the veil.


A bride and a beautiful view equals one breath-taking shot!


Emily and Alan had hoped to marry outside by the beautiful gazebo below Pine Community Center. Unfortunatley, the ground was soggy from the previous day’s rain, so they moved the ceremony inside and didn’t skip a beat.

wedding at Pine Community Center

And it was good that they did move the ceremony inside because moments after they said, “I do” the rainy skies opened up and poured. We were supposed to go to Cranberry Woods for photos with the bridal party after the ceremony and after talking it over, Emily and Alan decided to tough it out with the umbrellas I brought just in case. I’m so glad we did. After a 10-minute drive through a downpour, the rain lightened up and the scenery was stunning. I just love this shot of Emily walking over the bridge.


bride and groom at Cranberry Woods

The trees made a nice canopy of beautiful light and kept us dry!

bride and groom

This image pretty much sums up what it’s like to be around Emily and Alan—delightful!

bride and groom hand in hand

Here’s the wedding cake complete with a golden snitch.

Harry Potter wedding cake

And a favorite shot from their first dance.

first dance

Congrats Emily and Alan! Many blessings to you!

Three Generations Family Portrait

A good friend of mine wanted to plan a photoshoot as a gift for her mom’s birthday. We had a beautiful fall day and four little ones ages 2 and under. This sweet family has really grown in the last few years!


We met in her parent’s backyard in Beaver County and stood in the shade of the setting sun.


Before the shoot we talked about the groupings of portraits for the whole family, individual families and some candids of the kids, because while it would be great to capture everyone smiling at the same time, it was not likely with a group this big and children so small.


I know the stress of wanting to get your children to smile for their photos. And I feel it keenly because my sons are some tough subjects to photograph being that they’re little boys who are constantly on the move.


This photoshoot didn’t produce that one shot with everyone smiling, but there are a few where everyone is looking at the camera. We’re documenting that day with the kids at those given ages and as moms and dads, we can recall when our child bumped his head fifteen minutes before the shoot or how our toddler would not budge on smiling for the camera. I remember my parents and grandparents reminiscing over the challenges of photographing me and my sister and cousins when we were little. It sweetens the memory and we have a lot more to talk about than perfect smiles on cue.


Aren’t these two above adorable? They were playing with sticks and I just really liked this moment as they were looking off to the side at their parents.


Such a sweet mama and baby!

For parents wanting to know how to coax some smiles out of their kids, I suggest three things: limiting the chaos behind the camera (for anyone not being photographed in the current shot, it’s best to be out of sight and not calling for the kids to smile – only one designated person should do that—which brings me to my next suggestion), having one dedicated person located at the side of your photographer to make funny faces and encourage the kids (although not necessary, your photographer can do this on his/her own as well), and lastly treats! I use candy with my kids. I figure that a photo shoot is an important enough event that having a little positive reinforcement to get my kids to cooperate is never bad. I even give them candy throughout the shoot. I don’t mind seeing my boys’ with lollipops in their photos. When my second son was born, I gave my oldest Smarties to chew on while our photographer did our newborn/family photos. You couldn’t see the Smarties, but you could see his smile! And that’s saying something even just a week after the huge adjustment of becoming a big brother! He’s probably smiling mostly because he was happily crunching on candy and I was happy to give him that reward for his cooperation.

Maternity Session at Hartwood Acres

When I received an email from Sara asking about scheduling a maternity session, my heart swelled. I photographed Sara and Nick’s wedding and love the opportunity to get to extend the story of their growing family through photography. They are such a sweet couple and their baby is one blessed child. I’m just catching up on some long overdue blogging and this precious baby is already a few months old. More of his newborn session to come!


I love Sara’s dress and sandals.


Hartwood Acres was particularly busy with photoshoots that day, but we all worked together and took turns.


These two are real sweethearts!


This garden is beautiful and very well protected with an electric fence. I only brushed against it and got a little zap!


Below is my favorite shot from the session. It was right outside the parking lot, so I could easily grab my step ladder and change the perspective. Who doesn’t like being photographed from above?


Backyard Family Portraits

This summer, I’ve had the pleasure of photographing several families in their backyards and it’s been so much fun to capture the sweetness in a space that is special to the family. It leaves me with two thoughts: I hope more families will opt to be photographed in their backyards. And it makes me want to work on my own backyard so that my family can do the same! With beautiful morning light and an adorable family, this latest session was a real treat!


I should mention that these cutie pies are smiling in unison at their grandma and grandpa who were ever so helpful at coaxing some smiles.


And while I say that this session inspired me to want to work on my own backyard, I should also point out that you don’t have to have a perfectly manicured lawn or landscaping for a great space for portraits. Although, this yard had some spectacular spots for photos!



These two in this treehouse. Goodness!


And this little guy’s mama knew that he’d need a blanket for photos on the grass because he was ready to eat it the moment they laid him down. I’m not sure if he was excited about the grass or all of the hullabaloo behind the camera! Just kidding, it was his family, of course!