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Pittsburgh Newborn: When to Schedule Your Session

Most newborn sessions are scheduled before the baby’s arrival, but it’s easy to let scheduling your newborn session fall by the wayside in the midst of the chaos of getting ready for your baby. And luckily, when this mama had her baby and knew it was something she had to do, she contacted me and it was perfect timing as I just had a session reschedule that upcoming weekend. Normally, I recommend scheduling maternity and newborn sessions during the second trimester. We don’t know when the baby will come, but at least I can get the due date on my calendar as I can only take a limited number of sessions each month. Anyway, enough about that, check out this sweetness!

baby with dad

This family just moved into their new home and they were excited to see this space in their living room come together. And what better place for a portrait than on the couch!

first family portrait

Really love this perspective from above.

baby yawn

How sweet to see a baby looking back up at her parents!

looking at her parents

This large dining room window offered lovely light for some lifestyle portraits.

baby snuggles

looking at daddy

And I love to focus a bit on the mama. Isn’t carrying and birthing a child, regardless of how you do it, a tremendous thing to come through? I love seeing the fresh sense of accomplishment in a new mom’s face. So beautiful!

pretty mama

One one more kissing shot. Counting a mama’s kisses is like trying to count grains of sand.

kisses from mama

Congrats sweet family on your beautiful baby girl. Many blessings to you!

Pittsburgh Weddings: Sewickley Park and Cafe Notte

I photographed this wedding for George Street Photography and have always enjoyed the couples they provide, but this wedding was a special treat! If you know me, you’ll know why I enjoyed this wedding so much as you read through. We started with the bride getting ready at Van Salon in Sewickley.

getting ready


When I first got the details for this wedding, I was a bit skeptical. I had never heard of the park where they held their ceremony and when I checked out the address on Google Maps, I was still not sure of what to expect. But it is a lovely spot along the Little Sewickley Creek. And they made it all their own with chiavari chairs, picnic baskets and champagne. After all, this groom was quite the romantic and I believe they had their first picnic not far from here.

champagne in picnic baskets

Sweet flower girls…

flower girls

But this ring bearer stole the show! I’ve haven’t seen a dog handle this role so well before.

ring bearer doggie


the vows

exchange of rings

Here’s that embrace that I love after they’ve walked down the aisle and think no one is watching. Although, there is a balance of not intruding and capturing these sweet moments, so I snapped a few photos and moved on to capture the guests so that they really could have a moment alone.

embrace after the ceremony

So there was the picnic theme and then there was a jazz band that played tunes from the 1930s. The Hot Club of Buffalo was a hit! This really added to the ambiance of their reception at Cafe Notte in Emsworth.

The Hot Club of Buffalo


Cafe Notte is a great little place for dinner and they did a fantastic job hosting this reception.

Reception at Cafe Notte

Congratulations to this happy couple! Blessings to you!

happy couple

Gibsonia Newborn Session: Two Becomes Three

This in-home newborn session was full of precious moments and bountiful natural light. It was a delightful way to spend part of my afternoon!

sweet family

I just love this shot of the whole family in a way that tells the story of how mom and dad cared for their sweet baby girl.

baby in mama's arms

She’s just two weeks old here and slept through most of the session.

sleepy close-up

This mama was concerned about being photographed on so little sleep and I assured her, that I’d keep an eye out for good lighting so that she looks her best! No retouching needed here—they both look fantastic and are running on very little sleep.

family portrait in the nursery

We spend a lot of time on the couch with babies, so it’s a fitting place to be photographed!

hanging out on the couch

This face just makes my heart melt. What a peaceful and content baby!

resting her head on mama's chest

And I love shots that show the family from behind or above as they look at their baby. It’s the closest you can get to capturing the mom or dad’s point of view.

gazing down at their sweetheart

Pittsburgh Weddings: Downtown DoubleTree

Here’s a wedding from a while back that I had the pleasure of second-shooting. It’s full of pretty details and sweet moments and while I’m usually the primary shooter, I really enjoyed being able to take a step back and capture moments without directing them. Let’s begin with the dress and details.

wedding dress


All ready to go. Isn’t she a sweet bride?


bride's bouquet

This ceremony was short and sweet.


Sometimes it the moment right after the kiss where they gaze into each other’s eyes that really speaks to me. I think it’s the time when brides and grooms are most present in the moment, after all of the hustle and bustle, they can look at each other and say, we’re married!

the kiss

And after walking down the aisle, I love to see brides and grooms embrace when they think no one’s watching.

embracing after the ceremony

Really love this image of them as they’re responding to the primary photographer.

happy couple


And who doesn’t love a walking shot? They’re off to the reception and my day is done. What a great day!


Cranberry Baby and Family Portraits

One of my favorite portraits during a newborn session is a close-up with baby’s eyes wide-open and gazing into the camera. And this sweet girl was ready for her close-up!

newborn close-up

I met this family at their home in Cranberry and one natural spot for a family portrait is on the couch where families tend to gravitate when spending time together. And this precious little one was wide-awake as she studied her adoring family.

newborn and family

I love seeing kisses from big brother or sisters. And this little guy seemed to genuinely want to give his little sister kisses.

kisses from big brother

All smiles here, minus baby girl, who just drifted off into sleep.

the whole family

I’m also a fan of portraits of mamas with their babies. When my littles were newborns, I remember wanting to take selfies with my babies all of the time! I think it must be the excitement of finally getting to hold our babies in our arms after anticipating their arrival for 9 months.

mama and baby

And here’s a full-length capture of this little sweetheart. And I just want to point out that her skin isn’t retouched. When I made the shift to capture my clients more naturally, I made a conscious decision to stop retouching skin. After looking at some of my first son’s newborn portraits and regretting how I smoothed over the sweet imperfections in his skin, I was careful not to make the same mistake with my second son. And since then, I’ve shifted my business goals for creating flawless portraits to capturing genuine images with good lighting and an emphasis on natural beauty.

baby girl full-length portrait