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Backyard Family Portraits

This summer, I’ve had the pleasure of photographing several families in their backyards and it’s been so much fun to capture the sweetness in a space that is special to the family. It leaves me with two thoughts: I hope more families will opt to be photographed in their backyards. And it makes me want to work on my own backyard so that my family can do the same! With beautiful morning light and an adorable family, this latest session was a real treat!


I should mention that these cutie pies are smiling in unison at their grandma and grandpa who were ever so helpful at coaxing some smiles.


And while I say that this session inspired me to want to work on my own backyard, I should also point out that you don’t have to have a perfectly manicured lawn or landscaping for a great space for portraits. Although, this yard had some spectacular spots for photos!



These two in this treehouse. Goodness!


And this little guy’s mama knew that he’d need a blanket for photos on the grass because he was ready to eat it the moment they laid him down. I’m not sure if he was excited about the grass or all of the hullabaloo behind the camera! Just kidding, it was his family, of course!


Beaver County Family Portrait

Goodness gracious, I think I’m boy crazy! After having two boys of our own, my husband and I feel like we have a new way of looking at the world and one of the outcomes is that we think little boys are so ridiculously cute! And while the boys from this recent session are older than our sons, I loved spending time with them and am excited for what’s to come in our family.

I recently reconnected with this family through facebook. The mom and I were part of a theater group when we were teens and have shared some of the best memories I’ve had from growing up. So it was a real treat to meet her family and catch up a bit.


We did this session in their backyard and it was the perfect setting because the boys could climb their favorite trees there!



I envisioned this photo going differently but love what we came up with after the youngest plopped down on his mama. So we went with it and added his brother and it’s one of my favorites!


The at-home session also allowed for shots that would have been more complicated at a park, etc., strictly from a logistics point of view because everything they needed was already there. I like these shots because the boys are just genuinely happy. We used them as an incentive for their cooperation earlier in the shoot when they were less interested. Bribery is an effective tool and I use it to photograph my boys all of the time!



Pittsburgh Family Portrait

Here’s a fun backyard session from a few weeks back. And by backyard, what I should really say is gorgeous nature walk through the woods. And it actually is the backyard of this awesome nature-loving family!

But let me start with the kids, they are real charmers, even asking if I wanted to be in one of the photos. How sweet!?!


And here’s the whole family. Doesn’t it look like they were having fun? We kept the shoot light and low on the fuss factor. And for families with younger children, I think that’s really important. As soon as an adult on the shoot (photographer included) gets fussy and frets about stray hairs or posing, the kids disconnect and it becomes challenging for everyone. With that being said, props to this mom who had everyone ready to go, so the moments leading up to the shoot were low-stress and the kids were in a great mood.



They spend a lot of time down by the creek and we shifted into more of a lifestyle photography approach.




I really love lifestyle photography because it combines portraiture with everyday life – carefully planned to highlight our memories in the best possible light. As a photographer and a mom, that’s what I feel will be most precious to my family in years to come.

Pittsburgh Wedding: Immaculate Heart of Mary and University Club

Pittsburgh is such a beautiful city to be married in and that Molly and Vivek planned such a stunning wedding here is no surprise! But one unexpected treat about photographing their wedding day was their ceremony at the Immaculate Heart of Mary in Polish Hill. I’ve always driven by the huge dome when going from the Strip to Oakland and wondered what it looked like inside. And after seeing it in all it’s glory, I think this church is another hidden gem in the long list of beautiful churches in our city.


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In-Home Family Portrait Session

I just had the pleasure of photographing a family I’ve come to know through our church and let me tell you, these kids charmed my socks off! Kudos to Mom and Dad on raising three sweethearts. Just had to share the sweetness with you!


sisters and brother

We had them lay down on a white blanket and they were so funny trying to smile with their eyes open under the bright sky.




children's portrait

This last one will be fun one day when this cutie pie is all grown up and his mama can tease him about this spontaneous pose!