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Pittsburgh Wedding: Twelve Oaks Mansion

It seems so long ago to think back on this gorgeous summer wedding, but it won’t be long until summer breezes are blowing though again and this couple can celebrate their first anniversary. We started our day with their first look in Cranberry Woods.


It was a bright, sunny, sweaty kind of day, so the woods offered some much needed shade. And while they may have felt uncomfortable all dressed up in the heat, don’t they look cozy?

Pittsburgh weddings

It’s tough for a bride to walk through tall grass with scattered roots and twigs, so this groom was glad to sweep his bride up in his arms and carry her to our location for portraits.


How sweet it is to be in love!


I really like this sweet moment they shared during the first look. I asked them to forget that I was there, and I think they were successful!


The ceremony at Twelve Oaks Mansion was short and sweet.




After the ceremony, we went to the front entrance of the mansion and did the family portrait there in the lovely open shade. And I had to share this one. It was a request from one of the grandparents to get all of their grandchildren in one photo—what a great group of kids!


There is so much to share, but only so much time, so I’ll skip ahead to their first dance. What a warm and friendly crowd to celebrate with!


Sorgels Fall Portraits

What better location for some fall portraits to document your baby’s first Halloween than Sorgel Orchards in Wexford? It takes some timing to find the right light and fewer crowds, but it’s worth it! And this little boy has some of the most adoring parents I’ve ever met. Of course, he’s pretty charming so it makes perfect sense that they’re so smitten.

baby's first halloween

When we arrived, it was still pretty crowded and the sun was harsh, so we ducked into the apple orchards for some shade and the beautiful long lines of the orchard rows.


And this little guy looked so big sitting up in the cart!


They also had rows of sunflowers that we couldn’t resist.


And hay bales!


I love the face he’s making here, just look at those cheeks and lips!


On-Location Portraits for the Wiser Senior

I struggled with what to name this post because it is from a session of a lovely lady who wanted to have a newer portrait of her to remember her by. And calling it a senior portrait doesn’t begin to give this session justice. I found myself really enjoying spending time with Helen and her son who organized the session.

on-location portrait

In this shot below, she reminds me of the quiet confidence I grew to love in my great grandmother.

natural light portrait

She wanted to wear her traditional Korean dress and I brought a backdrop and strobes because the occasion really called for it.

close-up with studio lighting

Her motivation for this session was a black-and-white portrait of her own mother, very much like this one below where she’s seated in her traditional dress.

sitting in her living room

God bless you, Helen! It was wonderful spending time with you and your family!

Pittsburgh Newborn Session – Shadyside

This Shadyside newborn session happened last fall and I still have warm and fuzzy feelings about it! When Nicole contacted me she was looking to capture mostly family photos and I definitely get that. I want to see the whole family too—as moms we’re not often photographed and it’s important to me to be able to see myself with my kids when I look back. Just look at this adorable little family and the cute baby with his head slumped to the side. He really steals the show!


Here’s a close-up of him so you can relish the cuteness.

baby boy

I remember when my youngest son was born, just how much I wanted a photo of my two boys together, even though my oldest was two and a half and not yet feeling so great about becoming a big brother. And I see this desire in other moms too. We won’t let our toddlers hold the baby without the support of an adult, but we must find a way to capture just the two of them together! And a cozy corner of a couch or lying side-by-side are my safest bets to accomplish this. This big brother was having tons of fun with his baby brother snuggling into him. And I love how this sweet baby looks over at him!


Being photographed with a baby is not easy, but this mama is rocking it!

family of four

And we had to capture this little guy’s cuteness! He is going to be such a great big brother!

boy at window portrait

My favorite shot from the session – everyone is happy and the boys couldn’t be any cuter!

family with two boys

Blessings to you, sweet family!

Downtown Pittsburgh Engagement Session

How sweet is it that I was contacted by Joe a few months ago about scheduling this engagement session? He was planning his marriage proposal to Kelly for the Steelers game on Christmas was really pulling out all of the stops for their get-away to Pittsburgh.

engagement portrait Pittsburgh

We met at the Fairmont, where they stayed. The lobby is a stunning setting, with lots of natural light and open spaces. And these two made it feel warm and cozy as they cuddled up to one another.

kissing fiances

Joe wanted to stop at Heinz Field to capture the place where he proposed.

walking by Heinz Field

And we also looped around the North Shore right before the sun started to set.

portrait along the North Shore

Look at this ring—good job, Joe!

close-up of the ring

And we finished our session in the exact spot where he proposed, just outside the stadium.

this is the same spot he proposed in

Congrats, Joe and Kelly, on your engagement! Many blessings to you!