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At this time, Captivating Imagery is no longer booking sessions so that Kate can focus her energy on her growing family. If it’s God’s will for her to return to work as a portrait photographer some day down the road, this site will be one of the first places to reflect that update. Many thanks to everyone for seven years of documenting your precious memories!

Precious Newborn Photos: Baby Arianna

Meet Baby Arianna, a little sweetheart who fell asleep during her session and made my job so much fun! I photographed her parents for their maternity session just a month earlier.

newborn photography portrait

Have you heard the phrase “like shooting fish in a barrel”? That’s how I’d describe this session.

Pittsburgh newborn photography

Her mom found alphabet blocks with Hebrew characters so that she could spell her name.

newborn portraits

Here she is in her crib. These images are great to give a sense of scale so after she’s a few months old, it’s nice to see how tiny she once was.

in-home newborn photography

She even slept while her dog, Max, was looking over her.

lifestyle newborn photography

And here’s a brief moment where she woke up while her mama was preparing her a bottle. Look at those bright eyes!

baby session photo

And here’s a shot with her mama.

newborn with mom

And one with her dada.

newborn with dad

And the whole family!


Congratulations to Ronnie and Brad! What a beautiful family you have!

Cozy In-home Maternity Session: Ronnie and Brad

When it comes to spending time away from my main job as a mama, there are few things I enjoy more than photographing growing families. This in-home session with Ronnie and Brad was no exception, because I love to document the time before a baby arrives. I feel like you can see all of the hopes and dreams in the eyes of expectant parents.

dad newborn photography

It’s fun to see all of the details they pull together to celebrate their baby on the way!

Pittsburgh maternity photography

This photo above reminds me of a sonogram image because of the pattern of white surrounding them as they sit in the corner of this window seat. If it’s just me, I chalk it up to staring at the images as I was narrowing down my choices to share in this post.

expectant parents and dog

If you’re a dog owner, then you know that no session is complete without a shot of the fuzzy child with four legs.

maternity session pittsburgh

Isn’t she glowing?

in-home maternity photo

And here’s one last detail that I just can’t resist sharing – daddy serenading his baby.

maternity session details

Photos of their sweet baby girl are up next!

Mini Sessions at A Mother’s Boutique in Wexford

Last month, I had the pleasure of photographing mini sessions as part of a mom’s pampering event for World Breastfeeding Week at A Mother’s Boutique in Wexford. This is a great event and I recommend watching out for it next summer if you or someone you know is nursing. A Mother’s Boutique really put on a nice event and there were tons of moms and babies there so it was a busy afternoon! Here are just a few favorites from the event.

mini session baby

This little cutie actually picked a clover flower from the grass and then tickled his mom with it when she was holding him. Can it get any cuter?

mini session portrait

Love the face this little one is making!

Newborn portrait Pittsburgh

So sweet!

Pittsburgh mini session

Gosh, these moms and their babies are adorable. It was such a great day!

Pittsburgh mom and baby

If you or someone you know is looking for a photographer, I’d love to hear from you! I’ll be offering mini sessions again in October. Please click here to subscribe to my e-newsletter to find out more. Thanks!

Lifestyle Newborn Session: Baby Wesley

Meet Baby Wesley, also known as their little Smurf by his adoring mom and dad. I had the pleasure of photographing their maternity session too. I just loved photographing Megan and Rick on their farm and their newborn session with Wesley was no different. We even got outside for a few family portraits with his extended family! But my favorite images from this session are by far the lifestyle images that mostly took place on the bed in their bedroom. I’ll get to those in a bit, but for now, meet this precious little guy!

newborn close-up

We started out focusing on Wesley with a few accessories and some minimal props and we found out that Wesley preferred his mama and dada’s arms. So we took breaks so that they could soothe him in order to get some of the essential shots we were after. This one below is one of Rick soothing Wesley to sleep and it happens to be a favorite.

baby and dad portrait

And once he was out, he slept quite peacefully, so much so that we could even place him in this vintage bath basin from Megan’s family.

newborn portrait

And here’s where I started to fall in love with this session – Megan swaddled Wesley and sat on the edge of her bed in the soft natural light.

baby and mom portrait

Then Rick joined her and they scooted back toward the headboard where the window light was glowing.

Pittsburgh lifestyle photography

And here’s my all-time favorite of the three of them. They actually chose this for a framed print and I’m so excited to put it together.

Pittsburgh newborn photography

And here’s a sweet pose that I don’t often think of, but Megan suggested it and I’m so glad she did!

newborn session photos

Congratulations, Megan and Rick! Wesley is precious and it’s such an honor to photograph your family! Blessings to you!

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