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Outdoor Newborn Photography: Baby Julian

Most of my newborn sessions take place inside where it’s warm, but given a humid summer morning and an expertly landscaped yard with lots of lovely shade, you can bet I’ll be making the most of it (with mom and dad’s permission of course). And for Baby Julian’s session, we were all in agreement about starting outside before it rained.

Here’s sweet Julian in an outfit made by his very talented mommy, Abby.


It was tempting to leave him in that outfit the whole session, he was so gosh darn cute.


But he’s too cute in his birthday suit so we wrapped him in blankets and gauze.


This next series of shots were taken on a hill behind their home. I like that the background is personalized that way.





We went inside and did a few shots on this beautiful baby blanket that has been passed down through their family. Just look at that face!


And Elsie, their first “baby” even made an appearance in this shot with Julian in his nursery. I can’t get enough of babies with their pets – although I can’t claim to be an expert in photographing such a challenging combination. This one just fell in my lap!


Congratulations Abby and Jared on your beautiful baby boy! Thanks for the opportunity to document your precious family!

Fresh Newborn Session: Baby Graham

Is there anything more special than those first few weeks home from the hospital with your new baby? I really can’t think of anything that beats it. And it’s such an honor to be able to document this special, tender time for parents and their bundle of joy!



I first had the pleasure of photographing Corey and Jeff for their engagement session (back when I was shooting weddings). So it was a real treat to meet baby Graham, who was a little angel during the two-hour session. Look at that adorable face!


And here’s one of their first family portraits by the French doors in their dining room. What a sweet family!


I love photographing newborns, so if you or someone you know is looking for a newborn photographer, please check out my site and get in touch. Thanks!

Sentimental Maternity Session: Megan and Rick

I’m always pleased to received referrals from past clients and when Megan and Rick called, it was clear I was in for a special treat. They recently bought a farm and are in the middle of restoring it and then some! And they wanted their maternity photos to take place in the space that’s most special to them, where they are making plans to raise their son.

Here’s a belly shot that we did by the window in their bedroom.

We scheduled for June, about five- to six-weeks before Megan’s due date. The majority of the session took place outdoors and Megan was a trooper, navigating the terrain in the heat. And Rick was so attentive, driving us from location to location and helping us in and out of the SUV. They had some locations in mind and we went for it. Here are a few favorites from their session.

husband and wife maternity portrait

This next image was my idea, we were driving from one location to the next and I was struck by the beauty of the woods. Plus, I love walking shots!

outdoor maternity session

And here they are in their rye field. How cool will it be for them to look back at this someday? I love how snuggly they are with each other.

expectant parents portrait

More to come from their newborn session in the future!

If you or someone you know is interested in maternity or newborn photography, please contact me. I’d love to hear from you!

Newborn Session – It’s a Girl: Baby Cosette

It’s been a while since I’ve had the pleasure of photographing a baby girl, after a what seemed like the season of baby boys (including my own little sweetheart!) So when my friend, Susanna, found out she was having a girl, I was super excited to meet and photograph her darling baby.

baby portrait

Baby Cosette was a charmer. She actually seemed to be posing for the camera!

baby photography session

And here is one of the (many) first family portraits! I had a hard time choosing, so this is the image that they chose to print. I think they couldn’t resist this one because it looks like she’s smiling. Such a sweet moment! I love this family!


A Mother’s Boutique: Local Business Feature

I’m pleased to kick off a new series featuring some of my favorite local businesses that cater to new moms. As a newborn photographer and a mom, I love to pass on great finds like this first local business feature: A Mother’s Boutique. It is the byproduct of owner, Judy Masucci’s transition into motherhood, as she saw a unmet need for clothing for breastfeeding moms. While there are lots of chain maternity stores, Judy noticed that nursing tops were very limited and after countless hours of scouring the internet for stylish nursing clothes, she decided to do something about it and launched her business in 2007. Today, she continues her quest for the best products for new mothers including nursing bras, breast pumps, and baby carriers. And she’s become a real expert in bra fitting and even offers virtual bra fitting online for moms who aren’t within driving distance to her Wexford store.

a store for new moms in Wexford

One of the things I really like about Judy and her store is that she only employs moms so when you are there with questions, there’s always someone with helpful insight. And her team of experts includes birth and post-partum doulas and a certified lactation counselor. One of the reasons Judy decided to leave her corporate job and venture into small business was to help other moms with breastfeeding. She had some difficulties getting started with breastfeeding her own son and wanted to offer support to other moms interested in breastfeeding. Each purchase online or in person comes with very helpful and beautifully-designed informational pamphlets about breastfeeding. From the boutique’s blog, to the facebook group, to the mom’s group that meets at the store, A Mother’s Boutique is much more than a retail store. The store also hosts childbirth classes, and a cesarian support group called ICAN.

owner of A Mother's Boutique

Since the start of her business, Judy has developed a niche in nursing bras and offers an extensive selection. Oh, how I wish I knew about this store before. I am definitely looking forward to shopping there for our next baby. I told Judy that I felt like an absolute slob the whole time I was nursing because I just tried to make it work with the clothes I already had and really didn’t know there were so many great products out there that make it so much easier to nurse in public and still look good! Anyway, back to the bras, she offers sizes up through N cups, so everyone can find a cute, well-made and functioning nursing bra.

stylish nursing bras

Her products are made all over the world—from Australia to Singapore, and are mostly offered by other small business. Judy said, “they’re all moms who became a mom, saw a need, and did something to solve it.”

“We try to focus on things that moms need,” she said. “My goal is really to support the mom in what she wants to do. I try to carry products to empower moms to meet their own goals.”

Just this week, A Mother’s Boutiuque was featured on NBC Nightly News in a story called Built for Success about women-owned businesses, which I think is a just one more reason that this store is worth checking out! You can check out a YouTube video of the show here. Congrats Judy!

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