Pittsburgh Wedding Photographers at Betsy’s Barn in Portersville, Pa.

Samantha and Chris’ wedding had lots of charming details. They had a sense of whimsy that really complimented the barn. From the playful color scheme of pink and green, to the centerpieces filled with tubes of candies that doubled as favors—the details really came together in a fun way.

Here’s what their centerpieces looked like. Under the pom poms were tubes filled with a variety of candies.

wedding favors photography

I like this photo by Pamela Marie who second shot with me that day:

wedding bouquet flowers photography

Samantha wore these killer shoes with her gown.

bride's shoes photo

This cake was really nicely done. I didn’t get the details on the bakery, but wish I would have.

Pittsburgh wedding cake photography

When possible, I like to linger near the bride and her father before they walk down the aisle. I’ve found that most dads come up with something funny to say to interrupt the pre-ceremony jitters.

photography before the wedding ceremony

The ceremony took place in a large gazebo behind the barn.

exchanging the rings photo

This is another one by Pamela. I really appreciate these types of details while I’m focusing on posing and photographing the couple.

bride's rings photo

This one was taken while they walked back to their car after our mini session at McConnells Mill.

On-location wedding photography in Pittsburgh

I love their expressions in this one. They were having such a great time. Their wedding party was egging them on to smash cake in one another’s face, but Samantha and Chris weren’t having it. They were just as sweet as the cake itself.

Pittsburgh wedding cake cutting photo

I think this photo of them walking back to the barn is a good way to conclude the day. You could tell they were enjoying a little alone time as they made their way back to the reception.

photography of the bride and groom at sunset

Samantha and Chris, thanks so much for the opportunity to be a part of your day! Many blessings to you and your marriage!

Sneak Peek: Pittsburgh Wedding Photographers at Betsy’s Barn in Portersville, Pa.

Congratulations to Samantha and Chris! They were married at Betsy’s Barn last Saturday and it was a fabulous day. The ceremony and reception took place at the barn and we only left for a quick trip to McConnells Mill State Park for photos after the ceremony. The surroundings and weather that day was just beautiful and I can’t say enough about how fun it was to work with Samantha and Chris. You guys rock!

Here are some favorites from their day:

Pittsburgh bridal portrait

Pittsburgh groom portrait

Pittsburgh flower girls photo

These flower girls were adorable and the youngest was hamming it up during the ceremony.

Pittsburgh wedding photography

Pittsburgh bride and groom photo

This one is from a quick stop at McConnells Mill. It’s just lovely there in the shade – especially on such a hot day!

Pittsburgh sunset portrait of a bride and groom

I love it when couples can take a few minutes to sneak away after dinner for some sunset and nighttime shots. It’s so worth it if you can find the time. More to come from Samantha and Chris’ wedding soon. Next up, more details on Sara and Luke’s wedding.