Getting Ready

Your wardrobe should be comfortable and you should feel confident that you’re representing your true self with your clothes.  Complimentary solid shades are great. And if you want to incorporate some patterns, limit them to one or two pieces within the group.

For babies, I recommend something very simple and plain that shows their shape. I like solid color sleepers or even a simple swaddling blanket with no clothes on underneath.  

Kids should also feel comfortable in their clothes. If you’re not sure they’ll tolerate an outfit/accessory, try it on in advance and reward them for trying it with a special treat.  You may even want to have more treats on hand the day of your session so they’ll have a positive association with wearing that outfit/accessory.

The most important part of preparing for your session is to be ready by having your shooting space and family ready to go 15 minutes before your session starts. Then play a game, read a story, or do some other activity that allows you to connect with your kids to set the tone for your session. Getting ready 15 minutes early will help us to make the most of your time, allowing us to focus on capturing your family without the stress of being rushed.

For newborn sessions, try to feed your baby right before the start time of your session. No worries if you’re still feeding when I arrive, I’ll start by taking a look at the areas you’d like to shoot in and then we can decide on where to start.